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Casino Tax Refunds for Canadians

After all this time gambling at the casinos you finally win that big jackpot in Las Vegas.

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You deserve all of your Casino winnings

When you collect your US gambling winnings, imagine the surprise at having a 30% casino tax deducted from your money! Yes, in the United States, gambling winnings are considered taxable income and are taxed at 30%. This is generally a surprise to foreign gamblers, as in their home country these casino winnings are not taxed at all. But don't worry, Casino Tax Rebate® can help you recover this 30% withholding.

How It Works

The IRS requires that casinos and other gambling establishments withhold 30% from the winnings of International visitors. However, due to the U.S. Canada Tax Treaty, Canadians can offset gambling losses against the winnings reported on form 1042-S. and get some or all of the gambling tax back! Non U.S. citizens that are residents of certain other countries may also qualify for a casino tax refund of the 30% withholding on their casino winnings.
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Largest Recovery to Date

$ 892058

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Casino Tax Rebate® has established a reputation as the best Casino Tax Service in Canada.

The service was excellent. I could not believe how fast I got my money with you guys. I’ve tried others and you are the best, especially considering your reasonable fees and professional service.


Thank you so much for taking care of me in this confusing and complicated matter. I am no good with things like this and you made it easy for me. I got my refund cheque the other day and was elated. It was like winning all over again. Thanks again.


Your team was a dream to deal with. You took all my worries away. I hate dealing with government agencies, so I was dreading the prospect of getting on the phone with the IRS. Once I read a few of the articles on your site, this gave me the confidence to give you the job and am I ever glad. It’s been a dream to deal with you guys.


I finally won. I won big after only one pull on a slot machine I was just passing by at the Bellagio. I was ecstatic. I knew there were taxes on US casino winnings, but when the time came to collect my winnings I still had a shock when I saw how much tax was deducted from my jackpot. But you got it back for me. And it was quick, easy, and discrete. Thanks Casino Tax Rebate – you are a class act.


Just got back from Vegas and had a nice surprise waiting for me in the mailbox. A cheque for $2500, which helps me feel better about what I lost. It reminds me the next time I win again I will get another tax refund cheque in the mail like this one because I understand how the system works now thanks to you. You made my day.

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