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Dealing With the IRS for Tax Recovery

Dealing with the IRS for gambling tax refund Canada is definitely not an easy matter. US citizens often have a tough time dealing with the IRS and if you are a Canadian or a resident of any other country, the situation can seem to be very daunting. Canadians gambling in the US are entitled to pay 30% of their winnings as winnings tax. This is a huge income for the IRS since a large number of Canadians gamble in the US. Trying to get information from the IRS about gambling tax refund IRS can be difficult and very time consuming. You may be required to visit the US several times, wait in lines and submit your passport.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to handle this problem. To offer better services to foreign taxpayers the government in the US approved a few firms that can act as certified acceptance agents. These certifying acceptance agents will be able to help you obtain an ITIN which is a tax identifying number. These agents can help you deal with the IRS. Most gamblers today prefer to get their ITIN process handled through these agents since it makes the entire process easier for them.

Firms that specialize in gambling tax refund Canadians can make the entire process smoother, easier and quicker for you. Since it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the US tax laws and about the documents and records you will need when applying for a refund, it is important to take help from a firm that specializes in this area. With their help it is possible to get full or at least partial refund.

Casino Tax Rebate® is just such a firm.

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