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The service was excellent. I could not believe how fast I got my money with you guys. I’ve tried others and you are the best, especially considering your reasonable fees and professional service.


Thank you so much for taking care of me in this confusing and complicated matter. I am no good with things like this and you made it easy for me. I got my refund cheque the other day and was elated. It was like winning all over again. Thanks again.


Your team was a dream to deal with. You took all my worries away. I hate dealing with government agencies, so I was dreading the prospect of getting on the phone with the IRS. Once I read a few of the articles on your site, this gave me the confidence to give you the job and am I ever glad. It’s been a dream to deal with you guys.


I finally won. I won big after only one pull on a slot machine I was just passing by at the Bellagio. I was ecstatic. I knew there were taxes on US casino winnings, but when the time came to collect my winnings I still had a shock when I saw how much tax was deducted from my jackpot. But you got it back for me. And it was quick, easy, and discrete. Thanks Casino Tax Rebate – you are a class act.


Just got back from Vegas and had a nice surprise waiting for me in the mailbox. A cheque for $2500, which helps me feel better about what I lost. It reminds me the next time I win again I will get another tax refund cheque in the mail like this one because I understand how the system works now thanks to you. You made my day.


Results are what you people are all about. Thanks a million.


Good day from London. Just dropping you a line to let you know got my cheque and all is good. Professional is the word that best describes your service. Not bashful about letting others know about that. Cheers.


I wanted to take the time to thank the team at for helping me get refunds for US gambling winnings tax. While I’m not a regular gambler and have only visited Las Vegas twice so far, on my last trip to the city I got lucky and managed to win quite a huge amount on the slots. What nobody had told me was that I was in for a rude shock. I had not known about the US gambling winnings tax Canadians and it naturally managed to deflate my exuberance a little. I asked a few people at the casino what I could do about it but got no help…

I came back home and searched the internet to learn what I could about getting my money back because I had heard that people in the US were doing the same. I came across Casino Tax Rebate and while I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing I decided I had nothing to lose because I only had to pay their fees if they managed recovery of US gambling winnings tax for me. I have to say I was very impressed with the way they handled my case. From the moment I contacted them I had the peace of mind knowing that I was in good hands. I had hundreds of questions about how everything works and they were infinitely patient, for which I will always be thankful to them.

After asking me about a few details they told me I would be eligible to claim a refund and we decided to go ahead with it. I filled up the form and they told me how things would proceed next. I left everything up to them and I was pleasantly surprised to get back most of my winnings!


Thank you once again for getting me a full refund! Your US gambling tax recovery service is very unique and immensely helpful for anyone who has paid the US gambling tax Canadians and knows how heavy it can be on the pocket. A lot of my friends enjoy gambling and often visit the US to play in some of their casinos. I’ve recommended your firm to several of these friends and two of them have contacted you this week so I hope they will have as good an experience working with you as I had…

For those who regularly play in casinos in the US, the services offered by Casino Tax Rebate would be an excellent choice. The team at the firm is very friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to you and understand your case. I got all my questions answered and I was completely satisfied with the way they handled my application. Everything was done very promptly and the process for US gambling tax recovery Canada went very smoothly. I got my ITIN quickly and it was only a matter of days before I got my refund. I’ve been very happy with Casino Tax Rebate for the knowledge and the experience they have in the subject and their ability to handle all types of situations with professionalism and ease.

When I think of all the money I simply let go in the past in taxes I wish I had known about the rebate process earlier. Considering the difficulties that so many people have with IRS I think the best way to handle a refund application is through a firm like I’m planning my next Las Vegas trip after 2 months and I hope to use your services soon if I manage to win a good amount!

Why Keeping Records of All Your Winnings and Losses is Important for Gambling Tax Refund

I will recommend to everyone in Canada to handle their Las Vegas winning at casino. I’ve had a horrible experience dealing with the IRS myself and I had given up on ever seeing my taxable winnings Las Vegas back in my account. Because they had deducted $3500 from the amount I won I was naturally very reluctant to part with my money and I wanted to do everything possible to see to it that I get my money back…

I contacted the IRS and read up a few details on what to do to get my money back. The IRS proved to be the most difficult and frustrating. I had to call several times before I even got any information about the forms to fill or documents to follow. Refund of Las Vegas winning for Canadian is not an easy process and they kept my original passport for weeks before returning them and telling me it was not possible for me to get my money back. I was furious.

A friend gave me the reference of Casino Tax Rebate and I decided to give it a shot because I only had to pay the fees if I got the refund. I was so relieved to know that they will help me and that I wouldn’t have to deal with the IRS anymore. I handed over everything to them and they did the rest of the work. I will recommend to everyone not to try and deal with IRS on their own because it will only be a very trying and frustrating experience. I got lucky to find Casino Tax Rebate in time and was very happy that they managed  to help me get a refund.


My wife and I visited Las Vegas six months ago for a fun gambling trip. Although we’ve been to Vegas a few times in the past, this was the trip that proved to be the most exciting for us because we ended up winning a total of approximately $3000 in the 2 days we spent in the casinos. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that $900 from the amount would be deducted as gambling tax deduction. Our mood was completely spoiled and $900 is not a small amount that you can simply just forget about…

I had heard about gambling tax recovery earlier and knew that US citizens could recover back the taxes they paid if they could show the records and a few documents but I had no idea how it all worked out for Canadians. So I decided to contact the team at I have to say, I wasn’t very hopeful of ever getting that $900 back but I thought I should at least try. I explained my case to them and they told me everything about how the tax rebate works. I was definitely excited to know that I could at least get some of this amount back.

So I filled up the gambling tax back form they asked me to show some records and a few of the receipts that I had kept and they got the process in motion. 2 months ago I received $700 back and I am extremely thankful to Casino Tax Rebate for all the work they put in. If it hadn’t been for their guidance I would’ve been completely lost and wouldn’t have known what to do at all. I will definitely recommend their services to all other Canadians who often gamble in the US.


I often travel to Atlantic City and Las Vegas with my friends, sometimes three or four times a year. We all love gambling and the thrill of winning money from slots, blackjack and poker can be quite something. Over the years we have managed to win a decent sum of money but were always a little frustrated with the 30% of taxes that we had to pay. I never knew much about the US tax recovery gambling details and simply went on paying taxes each time I won any money…

A few months back one of my friends told me about Casino Tax Rebate and the US tax recovery casino winnings and how it is possible to get a refund on the 30% that got deducted on my recent trip to Vegas. I asked around and did a little research online for US tax recovery for Canadians. I was completely baffled with all the terms and heard a few horror stories about other gamblers who wasted weeks following up and visiting the US to get a refund and never managed to get back a dime.

It was fortunate that I heard about on time. From the moment I first contacted them I was rest assured that I was in good hands. They were completely professional and had detailed knowledge about the entire process. They explained the entire process to me and told me what I needed to do and which US tax recovery forms I was to fill. They were prompt with all their communications and always kept me updated about the status every step of the way.

I got my refund last week, a FULL refund I may add, and was absolutely excited! I want to thank the team at Casino Rebate for all their help.

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