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Frequently Asked Questions

I recently won some money in Las Vegas on the weekend. Can I recover the taxes withheld now?
You have to wait until after December 31 to start the US tax recovery process. Gambling winnings and losses are reported annually.
How do I prove my gambling losses?
Canadians need to be able to substantiate their gambling losses, as the amount of their refund depends on the amount of gambling losses incurred in the United States throughout the calendar year. The IRS will accept a diary of your winnings and losses. Your diary should contain the following information: a) The date and type of gambling activity; b) The amount(s) you won or lost; c) The names of other persons present with you at the gambling establishment; d) Also, keep any wagering tickets, win/loss tax statements, receipts from cashing cheques at the casino or withdrawing money from an ATM machine in or near the casino. Poker players should keep "Buy in receipts" for tournaments and a record of money won and lost in cash games in the USA for the year of taxable wins. You cannot use losses from the following games to offset your winnings as they are exempt from tax: baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and Big-6 wheel. If the casino deducted tax on an exempt game you are entitled to a complete refund without reference to losses.
How long does the process take?
The process takes approximately 4 to 6 months from the time of filing.
How many years back can your recover taxes?
Up until June 15 you can file and recover the casino tax withheld for the current tax year and the prior 3 years. After June 15 you can only recover the current tax year and the prior 2 years.
Do you recover taxes from other gambling activities besides casinos?
Yes any U.S.A. gambling activity that involves wagers qualifies. Large lottery winners, however, are not likely to have sufficient wagering losses for a meaningful tax recovery.
Is it still possible to recover my casino taxes paid if I lose the reporting slips from the casino?
Yes absolutely. This is only one phone call away.
In which currency will my refund be paid?
US dollars.